By schorschi

Staub Trocken

Dust Bowl conditions with the weather we have had last few days. 10 days ago we had snow and the fields were saturated. Wish this was yesterday and I could have entered it on the Tractor Tuesday group! Sure there will be more opportunities soon.

Fendt tractor with a huge slurry tanker using the new technique of dragging hose pipes along the ground so that the slurry isn't blown about in the wind. Think in a few years this will be mandatory in the EU. Behind it a John Deere with a harrow preparing the ground to be seeded soon for maize/corn. Sadly these two machines are from one of the local Biogas units producing electricity. I think most Blipers know my thoughts on using valuable arable land to grow this dreadful environmental nightmare crop to then be used to make electricity and cash in on subsidies paid by us taxpayers and intended for the original idea of using waste not potential food.

On another matter - walk was close to the local lakes and had seen loads of cars at the car park. So went there for Luna to have a dip ...up to her elbows ... and then saw on the far bank what looked like a horror story on Social Distancing. See Extra Photo Top. Then went 90° around to the side and took two more... what a difference! Camera never lies, they say,

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