David J. Rose

By djrose007

Selfie Practice

Very luckily, yesterday, our daughter was homeworking from our house while we looked after Ruby and Eric and she left a thing for her headset behind. 
I took it to her today so a nice 40-mile ride round trip. I stopped on the way back to practice with my new 'Selfie Stick'. Learned not to have it bent towards me too much or you get the stick itself into the picture, see both bottom photos.
It was so easy though, to set up and to operate, I wish I'd got one years ago.
It also has a tripod and the bluetooth trigger button is remote so you can detach it and operate it from afar. How much afar I have yet to experiment with but bluetooth normally operates within around 10 metres.

P.S. Ref the Magpie situation. I think I owe them an apology. I have seen them going into the tree to the left of our garden so I try to chase them away from the pigeons nest, I was sure they pigeons were nesting there. Today I observed the Magpies, two of them, collecting twigs and going into the tree, obviously building their own nest!
Still don't like them but don't mind if they nest in our garden as long as they don't use young sparrows, pigeons and blackbirds as their chicks staple diet!
P.P.S. the young Blackbirds have flown the nest and are coping very well. Haven't managed to capture them with the camera yet.

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