horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Bangin' Tunez

Ah the bright lights of East Kilbride...

Later this month I'll finally be getting back into playing Taiko, but tonight I was at 'Drumfest' doing a favour for Chris what is in this photo, taking shots of a concert the Mugen Taiko Dojo were, quite simply, nailing. Before going I'd maintained it was just as well two of us had answered the call for photographic assistance, just in case I managed to screw up my side of the bargain. In the end I was quite happy with the suite of results (and in my head this looks like an event poster...).

Had the esteemed, and fun, company of Fi, our first Taiko teacher on the drive to and from the event. She's 'out' of Taiko just now, but it's plain to everyone that she's itching to get back 'in'. It'll be strange not being taught by her when everything kicks off again on the 27th; but then they're all nice, this lot, so it's going to be astonishingly good fun no matter what.

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