By TheOttawacker


Having had two weeks thus far out of commission, I had a brainwave. Instead of bashing my head against the desk trying to understand the abysmal note-taking of the minutes, all I have to do is rewrite/edit the minutes into simpler and shorter sentences, cut out all of the extraneous shite surrounding them (the minute taker had included all of the circuitous speaking in which people engage when they are talking) and reduce the complexity of what I am editing by 100%.

This I did. So I spent two hours editing and 6 hours translating today (Sunday). And I completed the 4,000 word meeting translation in a day. Usually, I have been doing 2500 words maximum, reviewing and revising it over and over again. But this was much, much easier. 

And while I am slogging away upstairs, the family on the in-law side has been gathering together to sneak board games into Ottawacker Jr.'s daily routine. Poor bugger. Mrs. Ottawacker wanted "Catan" for her birthday - so in a fit of largesse, I agreed.... that'll teach me.

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