Moments in time

By Evie11

Amazing Clouds

My husband was working with my brother in law today, so he couldn’t go with dad to pick up their new car. (new for them, but it is 4years old). Since the dealership was not far from work I met mom and dad there on my lunch hour to make sure there wasn’t any issues and that new tires were on the car ( hubby negotiated ). All went well, but dad admitted he was nervous about driving it. This car has some nice safety features that I was happy about. It alerts you when you veer out of your lane and will brake if you get to close to another car.  He got it home ok and told me had no idea what half the buttons are.
We had a fundraiser at work  today for Autism, and I won a $50 gift card!
On my way home I saw these amazing clouds, so I headed to the beach for today’s blip. The extra is a mono, thought it added some drama. It was quite nippy though and temps are supposed to drop tonight. Tomorrow will be cold!

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