By Maureen6002

An embarrassment of riches ....

I may have mentioned once or twice that I find it difficult to choose, and today we see so many gorgeous wild flowers on our walk it really is impossible to select just one for today’s Blip. So, I’m afraid I’ve resorted to this collage. 

And there’s another collage as an extra. Whilst our walk through the park provides a wealth of opportunities for flower-blipping, along the seafront, people-watching takes over. The beach is busy in the April sunshine, but the wind is icy-cold, and I love the winter-touch on summertime activities. Everyone is clearly cold, but having fun, and, thankfully, behaving responsibly - at least for now. 

Apologies again for my delay in commenting on your journals, or responding to your comments - and thank you for so many lovely ones on my blips this week. I will catch up. I’m currently fighting an infection - second lot of antibiotics started today - so keeping up with everything is hard. However, we are heading down to Pembrokeshire tomorrow for a week’s self-catering break, so hopefully there’ll be a chance for rest - especially as the weather forecast suggests we may be inside quite a bit! It seems so strange to be able to do this! 

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