Penguin Droppings

By gen2



My apologies for an off-topic Blip but I need to get it off my chest.

A house 8 doors along the street is having some building work done.  Parking is allowed along there so cars are parked in front of said house. Double-yellow lines in front of my own house means no cars are parked here so the builders decided to dump their building waste at my entrance. (Alternative view in 'extras'.)

No one asked / explained / apologised. I expected it all to be removed at the end of the working day but at 5pm the builders just went home and left the mud half in the road and half on the pavement (= sidewalk for USA friends). Additionally, the pavement was totally blocked by a builder's delivery of sand.

Now, my wife is in a wheelchair and my next-door neighbour is registered blind so this represents a major obstacle to both of us.  Furthermore, my wife has two carers visiting four times a day so if it rains, they'll be walking mud into the house.

I have taken the following actions:
Phoned the builder's mobile - no answer - left message on answering service.
Phoned the builder's landline - no answer - left message on answering service.
Visited builder's facebook page and left message.
After 4 hours there has been no response to any of them.

I have decided that if it is not cleared away by 10am Saturday, I will be reporting it as fly-tipping.  I will leave further messages to the builder informing him of that.

Sorry about that fellow Blippers, normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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