Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

21 today!

I can’t believe it, Zebedee turned 21 today!
He had four mates round in the garden, Max bought a bin they could burn cardboard and wood in which they relished.

Max worked tirelessly to supply them with delicious chicken skewers and burgers with a rice salad and all the trimmings, I was on cleaning up.

My wonderful friend Emma made an incredible cake for him, my sister bought him a Nintendo switch and we bought him some games and accessories and some gym equipment, he was given quite a lot of money from my brother and other people, Max’s sister had some sushi delivered and gave him a voucher for more. My dad and his wife gave him a massaging roller which is battery-powered.

We managed to get out for a nice walk as well, just Max and I.

Zebedee said it was the best Birthday ever! Phew! We always make a big effort and try to make the boys birthdays fun, it has been a real struggle in lockdown so thank goodness he enjoyed it,

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