Again and Again

By Ripitup


My Dad was rather pleased at the reduced bananas that he purchased. My sister and I do not like the ones that are beginning to turn brown and he pointed out for her, what he said was, a tiny speckle.

We agreed this would become a cake in our homes.

The grass got its first cut of the year and I got my first vodka. I had, not the first, chip buttie for my supper.

I did some more of a jigsaw I started last weekend. We enjoyed a Simply Cook recipe kit (Bang bang chicken) and I was pondering that by Dad wanted me to stay longer and that Mr RIU was missing me. It feels at the moment ike I can't please any of the people any of the time.

They will have to accept, or not, their disappointment. I am doing the best I can; for myself too.

I dropped in on my Dad again later in the day and he'd had a heated exchange with a neighbour after a very lucky escape. He had been planting seeds in his greenhouse when a football came over the fence and shattered two panes of glass in the roof and over him. There were some large, vicious looking shards that had narrowly missed him and he was very angry that the ball had been kicked over as he has complained about the position of the goal after previous arrivals and was very riled by, what he said was, a dismissive and rude response from the neighbour.

I am relieved that he wasn't hurt and understand why he was angry but I do wonder if what was said to the children inflamed the situation. They have fallen out before over balls and Dad swings easily between anger and sadness at the moment, is never wrong and is very opinionated. Hopefully this incident will make them a little more careful but ultimately,.as the neighbour allegedly said, boys will be boys and accidents happen.

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