Deaf gulls.

"Did you say follow the tractor?"
"No, silly, follow the trawler. You're a seagull after all."

Extras 1 and 2: We were just setting out on our long walk, when we came across two very old and immaculately kept Austin 7s. I had to be quick grabbing a couple of shots, and it wasn't until afterwards I realised I'd left the camera on its watercolour setting from abstract Thursday. I felt very silly.
I once knew an expert on the Austin 7, who kindly gave me a copy of a book he'd written on them. The EXC 740(in second extra) is featured; it was registered in March 1938 so is quite late on. The van presumably pre dates that and must be quite rare.
The author photographed many of the cars for his book using a Rolleiflex Sl2000F. I used a little Sony and much ineptitude.

In memory of admirer and with thanks to pipersmom. 

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