We decided to take advantage of easing of restrictions from "stay home" to "stay local" to head over to Kenmore  to visit Drummond Hill. 

Whilst we are fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful countryside, I have missed the sea but the views of Loch Tay as we arrived in Kenmore will tide me over (sorry) until we make our way to the coast. 

Drummond Hill is home of one of the first planted forests in Scotland  in the 17th century and was taken over by the forestry commission after the first world war. It was also chosen for the re-introduction of the capercaillie in the 19th century. 

There is real mix of trees including remnants of older woodland as well as areas which are currently being cleared. The walk also took in an iron age fort, one of the several in the area, which afforded excellent views all round. 

All in all a grand day out. 

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