Is there something wrong?

Cooked up some sausages and fried potatoes for breakfast and Phin was determined that he wasn’t left out, so after Miss PHL stepped away from her seat she helped the dog sit on her seat. I think it fits the bill for Silly Saturday. Thanks to pipersmom for hosting to keep Admirer’s memory alive.

I think I’ve broken the puppy as I took him to the local woods and although he loved romping through the fallen leaves, splashing in the river and leading the way, he’s been asleep most of the afternoon! I walked just under 9km again so I reckon he did at least 10!

In the light of Miss PHLs likely coeliac diagnosis she’s made a list of foods she’d like to eat before she has to forgo gluten. The doctor wants her to keep on with her current diet until she’s been fit her biopsy. Her fast food of choice is fried chicken so we’re about to head out and pick up dinner from the Colonel.

I’m about 600 steps short of my total so far today but confident I will hit the 20000 before bed. I’m doing a challenge for the whole of April via the Virtual Kiltwalk to raise funds for disadvantaged kids in my local area and I’d be very grateful if you’d care to make a donation.
Thank you for your support.

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