By pandammonium

The finish line?

This stone on the bank of the River Great Ouse marks the finish line of the Oxford–Cambridge Boat Race in 1944. In 2021, it marks the start.

See extras for the start of the race at Queen Adelaide, the end of the race at Littleport, the Swan, where it looks like the presentation ceremony will be held, and where they’re putting the Oxford boat house. Cambridge will use their own, I expect.

Disappointingly, it’s a closed event, so we can’t go and watch it in person – which is why we walked all the way to Queen Adelaide and back (over six miles – exhausted!) to get photos today. We’ll watch it on telly like every other year – except this year, we’ll be looking out for places we know.

Update: This BBC Sport video explains a bit more about it being a closed event, and the rowers explain how dull the course is on the Ouse :D

BBC News covers the holding of the race in this ‘backwater’ (look out for the picture of the motorbike statue in the article).

The Evening Standard covers a fraction of the locals’ reactions. Every village needs its idiot(s).

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