By Rockpicsnl

Gorgeous Magnolia tree

This gorgeous Magnolia tree is in our town and mom and I drove there today so I could take some photos and I absolutely love how this one turned out.

Also, I’ve been a bit absent the last days. It’s been a crazy week. Besides work continuing and moving office I also ended up at the ER Thursday night.

My leg (the broken ankle one) was swollen all of a sudden, it was at least 6cm thicker then my other leg. The hospital feared a thrombosis leg (a common complication after breaking a leg. I even had blood thinners for the first three weeks when I wasn’t allowed to walk) and I had to come in immediately. Blood tests showed a little higher value then normal and gave me blood thinners. I went home to sleep and needed to come back the morning after for an ultrasound investigation.
Luckily the investigation showed that it wasn’t thrombosis but just fluids, because of bad circulation. So I can keep walking and when I’m not I have to keep my leg up.

It was a great relieve!

Photo with iPhone 11

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