By Majoayee

This is the night...

We went round to our son's for a short time.  Ro was to stay and watch a match.  Here is his fire pit which led me straight to one, if not the most beautiful liturgy of the Church's year - the Easter Vigil.  We used to take the children who loved it.  You stand outside the church by a fire and the pascal candle is prepared and blessed.  Then process into the dark church singing and those nearest the pascal candle light their candles from it and gradually pass the light to everyone else.  (Must admit I feared for the girls hair when they were young )

"May the light of Christ dispel the darkness of hearts and minds"

The Mass I watched was all the more moving in that it was celebrated by a young priest and this was his first time as a priest.  I loved his reaction at the end of his homily: Rejoice, Celebrate , break your fast, have a drink and eat your chocolates...  - said with a big broad grin!!!

The children knew that they wouldn't have to wait till Sunday, they would get their Easter eggs as soon as they arrived home.  After all they knew that when they heard the bells during this service it was because they had come home from Rome bearing with them lots of chocolate eggs!!!

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!  

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