Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Birthday cake

For T. We had it alfresco in her garden and my, we were lucky with the weather! Sunny and quite warm with very little breeze. I had thought about candles at one stage and then decided they wouldn't work because Edinburgh is nearly always breezy to a howling gale. However, they probably would have been OK. This was T's second lockdown birthday, let's hope I don't have another too (in August). 

The cake was a hit I'm glad to say. It was a new recipe, courtesy of the Bake Off Box, which my brothers gave me a subscription of for Christmas. It was a really easy recipe and it produced a lovely moist chocolate cake, using vegetable oil rather than butter. It's one I will make again!

In the evening I watched another episode of Life on Mars on iPlayer. I saw it first time round in 2006, but one of the advantages of having a poor memory is that I don't remember any of the plot. I would thoroughly recommend it. It's nothing to do with space, instead it's about a detective played by John Simm who is involved in a car crash and wakes up back in 1973 when policing was fairly different. 

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