By WharfedaleBex

Turbo charged?

Starting with a dash up to the moors to race the cloud inversion that was already lifting, it's been quite an action packed day.  I was about half an hour too late despite being impressed that I'd managed to roll out of bed and straight onto the moors at the unexpected sight of a cloud filled valley when I peered under the blinds.  I managed a bit of blue sky and half a fogbow almost before Rich and Little Dog noticed I'd gone.

With wind picking up a pace, I turned to the turbo for an hour.  It was sheltered and sunny so we all took to the garden for a couple of hours after that (maybe action-packed isn't quite the right term!)

We then had a late afternoon outing to Scaleber Force waterfall.  About as mini an adventure as it's possible to have - I could almost blip it cycling by but it felt good to see something new.  

We have our third episode of the new All Creatures Great And Small tonight which we're loving for spot the Yorkshire road as much as the story itself, followed by Line of Duty.  I don't remember so much variety in a day for some time.  It's been a lot of fun.

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