At 10 am my workshop started and the participant Anko (who brought his wife Rianna as well) arrived right on time.
First an hour filled with theory, composition and the basics of photography, combined with coffee and apple pie.

Around 11.15 we left my office and went to flying location near the wadden sea coast, near the Punt van Reide. A 20 minutes drive and the final part by foot.
Around noon we were airborne. Anko knew how to fly already, so all I did was help him finding nice compositions. He flew his 3 batteries empty and that was the end of the workshop. We finished around 13.30.
The weather was great, the wind was challenging at some points, but never got us into trouble.

In the extra section a photo I made during one of my own flights.
At some point I was flying at 50 meters high when thousands of geese suddenly flew below me. I managed to capture some nice video footage of that. Anko also made some nice captures of it, he flew much lower and on the footage I saw, some geese came really close to his lens. Great views!
I told him to keep his drone still and not move while there still were geese around. The birds would avoid the drone automatically. And they did. Nothing happened.

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