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By HarlingDarling


The blip shows one of the two teenage lads that have been visiting today, we saw them several times - sometimes together, sometimes not. Amazingly they were eating something here that presumably had nourishment in it - it all looks so ancient and worn out to me. I spent several hours sitting at the kitchen table drawing so I got to see the lads with ease. I love their furry horns!

The drawing plan for today was to leave behind all thoughts of houses and gardens and patterns, but a challenge was issued by one brother, and more or less forced on me by the other brother! Apparently google street view - he sent me a link - is so good that you can look at the abode of any family member and draw it, if you are so inclined. Or sort of forced to by family pressure. So I did my lovely niece's house! No-one has reacted to it in WhatsApp but I expect they have better things to do than keep an eye on that all the time. It adds something curious to be working with a real house... The "brother who forced" will be seeing his house in Wednesday's drawing. I think there might be a fortune to be made doing drawings of people's houses. Perhaps I could use a print of the same patterns for them all to make it less mind-bogglingly time-consuming and tedious? I have never actually sold anything, or exhibited my work. To be honest I'd rather spend my time producing art - perhaps I need a manager! An agent!

We posted a package of books off to the UK for our friend, since the delights of Brexit the Swedish book shop won't deliver to England. Another victim. At the same time we returned the cans and bottles that have been gathering in our cellar for months. There is money back on all that sort of thing here, so you seldom see cans and bottles in ditches etc. There were about 7 or 8 carrier bags full of them, it looked like we had a problem...

When I got home from the post office (which is the local petrol station) I cleaned the interior of the car and removed the dust of the winter, the grit of the winter and some of the winter tools (scrapers, brushes, heaters). The car is due for a big service on Thursday. It's absolutely filthy on the outside due to the sploshy state of the dirt roads round here, but there's no point in trying to clean it before we have finished travelling about. I think it would be a kindness to the mechanics if we put it through the car wash nearest the service centre.

I researched the deal about vaccines for the 75+ group today, and printed the info out for neighbour Sven-Eric who was "waiting for a letter" - a letter that will not be coming! I hope he can get vaccinated soon, the news on Facebook was that there were plenty of slots available. The British variant of the virus is kicking off again here but still not in our town. However, extra care will be taken tomorrow when I have an appointment at the ear, nose and throat clinic. Masks on! Keith can't come in with me! Coffee with friends afterwards!

Before that - at 8 o'clock - I have a hearing to attend on Zoom, the Science Centre has to show the board of the council what we are up to, and how we are following their directives. Thankfully the news is all good so it should be a pleasant experience. My contribution might be as much as one minute to say who I am. Which is fine by me - but tonight I will do my homework and read and make notes on the material to be presented. I actually get paid to sit on the board and it is anything but onerous, so I will give it my attention properly once my blip is seen to. Sort of NOW!

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