Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc

The hummingbird feeder is like an airport.  Tiny iridescent jets zooming in to refuel and then zooming away.  Recharged a clean feeder this morning (I have 2 so I can swap them out with no interruption in service) and two hummingbirds came zipping in before I could get the thing back in place! 

I think there's a hummingbird nesting in the small trees next door.  We watched a furious hummingbird standing off against a crow.  Unfortunately no way to help out because of location.  The crow kept trying and trying, at one point jumping onto the camellia tree next door, but the hummingbird saw it off.  The crow on the fence defeated.  Hummingbird kept at it until fully off the property.  Impressive.

We're planning to put up a hummingbird cam, just haven't had a minute to do it yet.

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