By schorschi

The In Crowd

Sorry for any confusion at the moment due to me turning off comments from time to time. I am trying to use the awful weather to do lots of Back Bliping and that itself confuses people thinking latest post is current. This on/off circus may continue for a while as the long term forecast is not good even if a few better days this weekend.

Mark my is in 2021.

Woke up to snow, just as forecast. April is here and as it should be, doing exactly whatever it wants to chuck everything at us. Naturally to go with the freeze, our central heating wood pellet bunker is now empty, and so I had to set off for Ottobeuren and the "farm & garden" shop.

Got the sacks of pellets and a new pair of Wellies, a few packets of seeds and a net of Annabelle seed potatoes for the garden. With this in mind, I took the photo. A topic of conversation for me at the moment!

Also cashed in at the Lottery desk in the shop. A few weeks ago I played the "Euromillions" for the first time ever and for a stake of €8.50, I won €8.00. So today instead of celebrating away the winnings because the bars are closed, I reinvested it in a ticket for this week. If my Blips don't appear on Saturday, I will be in the Seychelles!

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