Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

A busy day!

Well, what a lot of things got done today!.
Political meeting - tick.
Yoga - tick.

Drive south to the hospital - tick.

See the Specialist with my nose (hard to leave it behind really) - tick.

Be told that the hole in my septum will be with me forever, as will the exposed, membraneless and naked bone. But it isn't anything to worry about, won't turn into cancer - or anything else nasty - despite there being a sore area that leaks blood and never really gets better - tick.

Feel really reassured and deeply grateful that our health service does work, and that we have access to expert help, without a long wait or a huge bill - tick.

Call in on our friends Livia and Roger and drink endless tea, and converse for hours, catching up after several weeks of no meeting - tick.

Share hot cross buns and freshly baked croissants - tick.

Take photos of their kitchen in case nothing else presented itself - tick.

Drive off to IKEA and eat something resembling food as time was getting short, and but three spotlights - tick.

Realise several other things (including a large glass oven dish for Keith's baking) fell into the trolley - again - tick.

Miss the expected walk on the delta as the night had drawn in and the chill factor had increased amazingly - tick.

Get home and have a nice cold G&T and ring the Blackburn family - tick.

Draw the drawing of the day whilst chatting with family - tick.

Chew so much fat, catch up with all the doings on the family front, the plans for new ventures, the traumas being resolved. You can't take your eye off the family ball for too long without missing stuff! - tick.

Finally get the blip posted - tick.

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