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By NatureWatcher

A snazzy shelter

Today I accompanied F when he visited his family for the first time since before lockdown.  First we visited his daughter #2 and son in law near Church Stretton.  We sat in the garden, luckily they had a patio heater so we weren't too cold despite the low temperature. 

We then went to see daughter #1 and family near Leominster. They had constructed a large wooden outdoor shelter using their gazebo as a frame.  Inside was a sofa, four chairs, and a table in the middle.  There was a woodburning stove that someone had converted from an old gas bottle which had a chimney going out through the roof.  As you can see there is also a shelf which acts as their bar (complete with fairy lights).  It's all very cleverly done, luckily dad is a joiner so has the skills! 

It was lovely to see them all, a long but enjoyable road trip! 

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