By Arachne

Doorbell - part 2

I'm so jubilant about my doorbell that this tale is worth two days of my blip time. If it isn't worth two days of yours I get it. I'm a little obsessive. Feel free to move on to more interesting blips.

First of all, I did as I said yesterday I would do and bought 'two cheap bits of battery-powered plastic, one to screw onto the door and the other to put in my pocket'. I brought them home and inserted the batteries as instructed. 

Meanwhile the brother-who-can-mend-everything and I were to-ing and fro-ing on WhatsApp. By the time I had discovered that both of my new plastic bits functioned independently but that the bell push would not communicate with the chime, Brother was well immersed in the gears of the Victorian bell. 

He diagnosed the problem while I was out getting a refund for my cheap plastic.

I got home and did as he said and, well, Bob's your uncle. I'd worked out that the problem was with the big coiled spring, I was puzzled about energy apparently coming from nowhere because even with my limited physics I know that's not possible but I hadn't put 1 and 1 together. Brother has known how to make 2 for over 60 years.

So the bell is back on the door in fine working order. 

To give Blipland its due, at almost exactly the same time as Brother WhatsApped, 'if there is no key, it may be that you have to keep turning the bell dome clockwise to tension the spring', Cheeseminer commented on Blip, 'looks rather like the one on our back door, the bell doubling up as the winder?'

Simple and perfect. Even neater, the door it is screwed to is a sounding board and amplifies the bell ring. 

Henceforth when I'm in the garden I can be smug that I have a delightful working clockwork bell even if I don't know whether someone is ringing it out of earshot.

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