David J. Rose

By djrose007

Hendrix and Eric

A lovely picture of Hendrix checking that Eric is ok on the swing.
Hendrix is 3 years old now, he'll be 4 in October and he is such a lovely boy, very caring of his cousins and little brother Buddy. So proud of him and all of our grandchildren.
My photos of today were rubbish so I pinched one of Joanne's. 

I forgot to mention yesterday how I should always have the camera switched on, lens cover off. Walking along the road with Jonty a Police Speed Enforcement Van came around the roundabout near our house. I raised the camera and pointed it at the van, the driver waved obviously thinking I was taking a shot, a bit ironic really, taking a photo of the camera van. However, the lens cap was on and it wasn't powered up either. I just never learn!

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