By Ridgeback13

Top of the world

Beautiful morning again and so I headed to the Pentlands early and set off towards Glencorse reservoir. Wasn’t sure where I was going to go but saw a sign to Scald Law and decided to go uphill for a change. Took a while...I wonder if I need to get an inhaler to help me on steep hills, but I plugged on with lots of stops as I wanted to get to the top, listening to The Hoarder again. Saw some lambs but very few people and there were unbelievable 360 degree views. Spoke to A on FaceTime at the top next to a cairn and showed her the views as she lay in bed on a cloudy day.
Not sure what hill I was on...I think Scald Law was the next one up but I was pleased with what I’d done, so headed downhill to walk along the reservoir and back to the car park - 6 miles and 1000’ ascent. Despite the sun there were still some bits of ice and the bogs were crunchy....nothing like how snowy and icy it was last time I was here in January. Great view of ‘my’ hill from the side of the water (extra), and I had an absolutely delicious bacon roll and coffee back at the little kiosk....perfect!
Stopped off at the supermarket and Dunelm on the way home and bought some new pillows and towels then home and did the laundry, changed the bed etc etc...no idea where I got the energy from! Chatted to AR and Mx (extras) who showed me, respectively, her cut lip - plus chocolate! - and his ‘decorated’ fairy door for the garden. Apparently Mx is asking all the time about how to spell things and now knows how to write his own name, and spelled it out for me before showing me his zombie face and his ‘ninja dancing’ (spinning round and falling over then tumbling on the floor!). Chatted about ideas for their garden, and what Mt could cook for their supper. I’d taken a fish pie from the freezer and enjoyed that watching Palm Springs film on Prime....still working out what I think of it!
Been a good day :)

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