Vanessa was cuddling this adorable hare. I totally understand, that she couldn't resist him ;-)
The hare is part of a set of coasters from Pimpernel and Wrendale-Design.
they are absolutely my kind of humour :-)

After a horrible night and more sleep until noon, the headache cleared finally and I felt human again. To be sure, that I wouldn't spread Covid, I went for a test and everything is okay. That also means, that J. has also "only" a normal flu, what is very unusual for him. 
I even felt good enough to do the weekly shopping (not really, but I had to do it, because M. will borrow my car next week, sigh) 
I backblipped the blip from yesterday.
I also hope that I feel good enough to give comments and hearts for your lovely entries for TiPS2021. Blimey, I'm again much too late. 

Reminder: The tag for TiPS,  the stage for the adventures of all kinds of tiny figures is TiPS2021. Share your creative entries with other lovers of tiny people  and have fun  :-D

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