Hello, World! It's Tiny Turtle!

Of course, you know that I had to go back to my favorite vernal pool in the Scotia Barrens, in hopes of capturing a photo of the elusive Tiny Turtle I've spotted there once or twice. And so, after the rain broke, and the first bit of sun shone through, I grabbed my camera, my bike, my tiger, and my daysack, and took off for the woods.

I approached the pond slowly, cautiously, not unlike a tiger stalking its prey. The ground was soaked from the rain. Wait, was that a tiny something I spotted on the log? It was! It was indeed the itty bitty turtle!

Wise to its sneaky ways, I snapped several photos before I took even one more step. Hiding behind a tree and peeking out, I took a few more. I inched to the next tree; took a few more.

Inside my daysack, Tiny Tiger was waiting, hoping to meet the little turtle. But I advised him that a Pennsylvania turtle, being unaccustomed to tigers, might be afraid of him, on principle. So we unzipped the front pocket and T. Tiger sneaked just his ears and eyes out, for a look.

Did I just imagine it? Or did the Tiny Turtle and the Tiny Tiger have what we might call "a moment"? I know for sure it was a moment for me! The Tiger Whisperer (or should it be Turtle Whisperer) spoke in soothing tones to the little turtle, and the turtle sat and posed for us, as I snapped away on the camera.

Now, the turtle looks huge in this photo, but I can assure you that it is only about the size of a Kennedy half-dollar, just a few inches; maybe even less. Which is to say: very, very little!

Hello, World! It's Tiny Turtle!!!

The soundtrack song has to be about something small or little: so here is Supertramp, with Give a Little Bit.

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