By Ingleman

Call Me Predictable

Unusual for me, a second night of monochromatic clouds. Working at the Moat again, in bright sun and so much colour, but I have gone for high contrast and no colour. Bright reflections, and two little ducks. The ducks are resident, the female having been conceived and born here, and having returned for three years running, successfully showing her mate the ropes and raising her own brood. Obviously she likes it here.
We have a Robin nest in the potting enclosure with 5 eggs. Hopefully they do well, and everyone is aware so as not to disturb them. A bluetit is investigating the birdbox in the workshop, a dilemma if they take up residence. We will have to decide soon on how to deal with it. Do we encourage, or discourage, that is the question.
A good day overall, got home to be greeted by my wife saying we are having nan and grandad for tea. Damn, I wanted fish and chips....

There is a puzzle in the image, good luck.

Have a wonderful Monday evening, and thank you for yesterday's stars and encouraging comments. Lovely! 

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