His Simple Rose

By HisSimpleRose

Scene Seven.

Today I wrote scene seven.
It was a beautiful day. Sunny. Blue sky. A day as such is a rarity in Ashton.
I took the initiative to go and and enjoy it.
There aren't many nice places in Ashton. There's a park which is approx. half an hour's walk away, but last time we attempted to enjoy the sun by walking there, the park was covered in shade, and it rained the whole walk home.
There's a patch of green which is meant to be a play-park around the corner from our house, but it's dirty, and surrounded by houses, windows, and a usual filled basketball court. Plus it's the place I would normally see the kinda people I want to stay away from. Not somewhere I can relax, hide and take the time to write, like I wanted to.
I went for a wonder, off to find the perfect place. Of course, no where is perfect in Ashton, but I did find a nice spot. There's a memorial half way to the park I mentioned earlier. The sun hits it, and there are trees and grass around it. It may be near a main road, but it doesn't feel so much like it. It wasn't busy, just a few others enjoying the weather. I sat back on a bench and wrote my seventh scene for Simply Rose.
I left when it was getting dark, chilly, and three teenagers were getting loud, with alcohol in their systems.
I made tea and went to choir in the evening. It was a good, chilled day. One I'm glad to have made the most of.

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