By JanetMayes

Project 365 day 102: balancing

I've always been astonished by the comfort with which Millie balances on fence posts. This is a sturdy corner post, but she manages equally well on the slimmer ones. She's a timid little tortoiseshell with a long, waving tail, who came to us seven years ago as a rescue cat, along with her delinquent supposed brother Casper. It would be hard to find siblings less alike, and not just because of Casper's lack of a tail. While Casper disappears all day, making trouble in other people's gardens and murdering rabbits, Millie stays close to home and is very fond of her bed. Millie licks the hand that strokes her; Casper often bites it. Millie is sleek and thin, Casper distinctly overweight. Millie is sweetly affectionate, while Casper is always keen to assert his identity as Top Cat. 

It was a busy day with over five hours of Zoom activities, three of J's then one of mine, so by teatime I was glad of a walk around the garden, despite the chilly wind. I also took some quite pretty photos of emerging pear and quince buds in the orchard, but I seem to post a lot of flowers and twigs, so I've opted for a change today. The buds will be there, and open into blossom, over the coming days and weeks, and Millie is not often obliging enough to pose for me - as soon as she sees me, she rushes to rub around my ankles and mew for attention. 


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