Beginning again

This is LaurieT, who blips occasionally and is a close and treasured friend. She read my blip about Margie and wore her own infinity scarf (which she knitted herself) for our coffee date this morning. It was our first time to go for coffee and sit INSIDE. Laurie is an educator of young children. She was influenced by the Reggio Emilia tradition, and she reads more than anyone I know (which is saying a good deal). Today she recommended Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America by Ijeoma Oluo. I can't wait.

Another first (see extra): I took Evan and Bella out to Sauvie Island, first time to take them anywhere in a car in over a year. We saw a pink trillium, a white heron, a snake, a great many Canada Geese, a hawk, and a whole lot of sunshine. They practiced jumping for joy. 

Another beautiful young Black man murdered by police: Daunte Wright. I say his name. Every time this happens, we say Not One More. And then it happens again. Laurie recommends Tangled up in Blue: Policing the American City, by Rosa Brooks.

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