A trip to the tip

Shouldn't call it 'The Tip' nowadays, there is NO landfill in Gloucester now.
The top photo shows a tiny part of the huge area that was landfill. It was done in sections so as one section was getting full, they would be preparing the next section etc. The photograph itself is also a small part, it was a Panoramic shot but it won't all fit into the collage.
It was the Recycling Centre I was going to so I could get rid of a double and single mattress. They weren't too bad but past they use by date and the new mattresses are so good, makes you realise that the others were a little past it.
The sign tells you about the development of the Gloucester Green Energy and EcoPark "Gloucesters first renewable energy park with New Hemsted Woods". Pretty good considering how awful, and smelly, it was when it was landfill.
There's a great deal of fabulous things happening in Gloucester over the past 10 years or so and mostly driven by our excellent local member of parliament, Richard Graham. "One of the better ones" as I usually describe him.

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