One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The Rat Snack

I have a feeling that the resident heron at the end of the West Pier is in need of Gaviscon. 
In the space of 10 minutes I saw the greedy fecker gobble up three live rats. 
He was deadly efficient at it. Skewered them with a lightning fast beak strike, repositioned them a few times (the squealing was quite distressing) and swallowed them slowly with much neck spasms (pelican-style). I could actually see the first rat trashing about in his stomach (and there was I a few seconds before, thinking that the squealing was distressing - it was nothing in comparison to the silent frantic struggle of the rodent in gastric acid - everything is relative). 
It is hard not to witness this sort of scene with feelings alien to the creature. 
I doubt very much that cruelty or compassion feature high on the heron list of needs or emotions. 
A heron feels hungry (permanently apparently). It sees food. It eats.
It's not a very complex animal. 

But a lot more efficient than a cat or a couple of Springer Spaniels at helping to control the rat population. Are you paying attention Nana? 

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