By mambo

Ruby and a Cuppa

Did some pleasant jobs in the garden,
Put off the more messy ones until the weekend.
After lunch took the green waste to the tip, went to fill up the car - a rare occurrence these days.
Picked Ruby and Verity up from school to give them a lift home and Ruby asked me in for a cuppa and as we are bubbling l did.
Not had a 1:1 with her for so long.
After much consideration and deliberation she has decided to go to the Northern Ballet School in Manchester in September, it’s a three year course.
Last week she went with her mum and dad to get her accommodation sorted.
A big step when you are sixteen as it means she won’t be going into the Sixth Form at school and will be moving away from home.
Out of my five grandchildren she is the most like her Grandy in character, strength  and determination. 
In the extra are the two sisters who did agree to a photograph, yes they do turn their skirts over at the waist but they are not as short as some l saw coming out of their high school !

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