All part of the story

By Treshnish

4 Fanks, 13 Curlew

What a day.

Appointment first thing this morning in Craignure, flew over Pennygown fank on the way past and then headed up Glenforsa to the fanks at Kilbeg, Rhaol and Tomsleibhe.  

Across the river by the Rhaol fank the long empty cottage I photographed in November has a builders van outside with cement mixer and signs of modernising change.   I walked up to Tomsleibhe in warm sun. 

The sight and sound of 6 and a half pairs of Curlew spread out down the length of the glen was utterly magical.  Limitless blue sky and windless air filled with their call.   In between their almost evenly spaced out territories fluttered the Peewits, the white on their wings, in aerobatic flight, catching the sunlight. 

Sandmartins swooped and soared as I took this photograph.  I suspect they are nesting in the sandy banks of the river Forsa.   

A Heron led my way back down the glen flying ahead and landing in the shallows of the rive and lifting off again as I got closer.  

I dropped eggs off at the farm and at A's in Salen, and in Tobermory swopped eggs for onion sets.   

All has been well in the lambing fields today, long may that continue. 

Test prints arrived last night. Pleased!  Extra: Aurora. 

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