Mike Lincoln

By Linxpix

New drive in Costa

It might be a strange blip from me but this new coffee shop has been turning heads as the cars drive through to Pick up their order as the signage above the collection point has not been thought out as the cars approach and  and the sign effectively changes see the extra, if you are not offended  !! Needless to say it has been all over the local social media !
Well I was about to go our shopping when I had a call from a friend and ex RAF colleague who I got to know when we went on a detachment to Darwin Australia in the early '70s with the Vulcans from RAF Waddington. We both lost our wives within a month of each other a couple of years ago, so it is good to talk and or meet every so often. He is also a keen nature photographer, so we have quite a lot in common.
Well we did out to the weekly shopping later in the afternoon, this is when I blipped this as I did my walk around the shopping block , pleased to say again without the walker, pretty sure this is strengthening my core.

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