Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Stellaria Pubera

This is Star Chickweed. I usually find chickweed in general just annoying in my garden. But this kind is more special - plus it wasn't in my garden, but instead in the woods along the trail we've made from our driveway up into the hayfield where we walk daily. I'd actually rather like to have it in my garden. The flowers are bigger than they are on common chickweed. In the Wikipedia entry the common chickweed flowers look very pretty, and it isn't clear how small they are. I'm sure most of you are familiar with common chickweed, but perhaps not with star chickweed? In any case, a second entry in this week's Wildflower Week challenge!

Side note: when we went through our having chickens phase many years ago now, I used to pull the common chickweed up by the handfuls and toss it to the chickens in their pen every day. They loved it.

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