Breakfast treat

Our local farmshop cafe has fashioned an outdoor space so we popped along to enjoy an al fresco breakfast treat in the sunshine.  It is so nice to have good weather whilst indoor dining is still off the cards.

It was nice to do something a bit more normal again and visit one of our usual haunts.

We had a zoom meeting to try and plot out our return to Bellringing.  Nothing is likely to happen in the short term but we discussed getting going again later in the year.  We also talked about getting a simulator and some silencing equipment in so we can do more and better practices without annoying everyone in earshot.

Not such good news was the announcement of the breakaway football European Super League.  I can’t say I am a fan of the idea so we will see how all that plays out.  I was hoping it was just brinkmanship for them to get what they wanted out of UEFA, but it looks like it might actually steam ahead,

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