Scene/Seen from the Middle Gardens

Went to Post Office to return Mr B’s training bottoms to Ali Express. Zips fell off both pockets after one wear. Was first in queue after 2 others being served inside. Nevertheless took about 20mns. What on earth can take so long?

Coffee Saloon for ....... yes you guessed. First time back there for nearly a year. Sat in outside seating area. Then passed by Dane & Port, ended up chatting to the owners. The lovely Portuguese wife offered me a little ‘tapas’ of butter beans in a chilli tomato sauce. That whetted my appetite, so on returning home made my version with cannellini beans.

Mr B went to tennis (last time, was once between lockdowns last summer) with M. Sadly he was dejected at the end - as expected bis knee wasn’t performing. He’ll have another go on Thursday, but was suggesting his tennis days may be over. My blip (for Claire’s Mono Monday challenge ‘Luminous’, is a view over to buildings at the side of the gardens, the white one glistening in the sun.

Ended up at 60 Million Postcards to commiserate.

Meanwhile his Ancestry DNA results arrived. I’ve been researching 1st/2nd cousins he appears to have in USA. Sent a flurry of messages. Wait and see now.

Off to bed ...

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