Children shouldn't be allowed!

Hendrix asked if I could get the train out. It is a Toy Story 3 themed set and it's in a big box underneath the dining room cabinet.
It has not been used in years, originally bought for Lennon who is now 14 (next month) and I was pretty sure it didn't work.
However, on putting it all together, and plugging the control unit in, the engine shot off like a rocket!
Woody had been snapped off the top of one of the carriages (if you don't know why he was on top in the first place you've got to watch the film) so I superglued him back on.
Unfortunately, the connection gear on the rear of the engine had snapped off so it was just the engine whizzing around, both forward and backward.
And why the title 'Children shouldn't be allowed'? Buddy was driving me crazy as when the engine came around to him he would either have his arm in the way, or he'd pick it up, or disconnect the track with his sleeve.
They were thrilled though and both were squealing with delight when it came around to their side of the table.
When I was tidying up I found the connector and glued it back onto the back of the engine for next time. Used a bit of superglue to hold it and then added a spot of 'Gorilla Glue' top and bottom for strength.
I took a bit of video of them, it's only 30 seconds.

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