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The Last Unicorn

Last year I attended and enjoyed Lacock Abbey's exhibition of Derek Kinzett's wire sculptures entitled Inner Spirit and posted two blips (25 February and 26 February). He was kind enough to leave very complimentary comments on a couple of images on my Flickr micro-site so I was pleased to see that the show had been so successful that he had been invited back this year (it's on until 10th March).

Apart from all his wire fairies, sprites and dragons, there was one centrepiece that was solid and enjoyed  a prime position inside the abbey cloisters, entitled The Last Unicorn. This shot was taken from outside the abbey. When LacockNT tweeted me to say they liked the set of pictures I posted on Flickr, they told me that Derek Kinzett had brought the unicorn over in a horse box with his head poking out the back and had got lots of funny looks, and sent me this picture of it.

'The Last Unicorn' was born in 2013 and was created especially for the 2013 Inner Spirit Exhibition.

My son Jay has named him 'Gandalf' and he is believed to be the last known Unicorn to walk the earth.

Throughout history people have searched forests and woodland in the hope they might catch a glimpse of this elusive creature.

Legend says if a Unicorn thinks you've seen him, he will stand very still and upright until you've passed.

It is also said that if you turn your back on a Unicorn and walk away from him, glancing back at the last moment, you will see him move with all his grace and splendour.

If you tell no one of what you've seen, your life will be blessed with good fortune.

- Derek Kinzett


Blip #927
Consecutive Blip #004
Day #1071

'Free Spirit'
'Woodland Spirit'
'Mother Sprite'
Aping Fox Talbot
Lacock Abbey

Inner Spirit Collection 2012-2013 (Flickr set)

Lens: Pentax 17-70mm

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Inner Spirit (NT page)

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