Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Found some

J took Kilda for a walk first thing as I needed to go into work, she doesn’t have any meetings so decided to have both dogs at home for the first time with just her while she is working. Spent all day in the lab swapping parts onto test jigs to get some data. Stopped off at Sainsberries on the way back as I needed to get Dad a birthday card for later in the week, also managed to solve a very big first world problem as they had Marmite cheese back in stock, bought a few in case there is another shortage. Came back and ran down for the Monday night Cani sport run. Seemed OK to start with, with just my leg hurting but after a few K I was struggling. Eventually figure out it was hay fever when I could breath properly and had to give up at 3.5K, walked home to watch Line of Duty.

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