What I've Done

By JohnGravett


Took a walk through Manesty "park" - at the south end of Derwentwater. I came upon these rocks and thought that they'd make an interesting foreground. A 0.6 medium edged grad filter and a big stopper gave me a 30 second exposure, which smoothed the water surface off just as I wanted. There was a problem with the boat, which moved considerably during the exposure. So I took a second exposure without the big stopper at a high shutter speed to keep the boat sharp. carefully masking the boat into the LE shot in PhotoShop allowed me to get a sharp boat on the smooth water. The reflection of the sail on the LE shot wasn't in line with the sharp boat, so I had to copy the reflection to another layer, warp and reposition it, so it lined up with the sharp sail!

We have to suffer for our art

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