Fog on the Euphorbia

This morning there was clearing fog. I took my camera with me this time when I went to get the paper. I was hoping for tiny drops of fog dew on the neighbor's euphorbia. And I was not disappointed. Here is an emerging flower bud drenched in foggy drops. Press "L" for the large version.

Today I have an eye doctor appointment. I've been looking forward to this appointment because my eyes are definitely worse than they used to be and I'm considering cataract surgery. Not to mention new glasses that I can see better with. So today I'll be having the "is it time for surgery" conversation with my doctor. I actually have mixed feelings. I know the surgery is close to fool proof and makes a huge difference. But the thought of somebody poking something into my eye makes me squeamish. And it is odd to think of not having the ability to focus. Though I wonder if I've already lost that but just don't notice. We shall see. (pun intended.) ;-)

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