By DonnaWanna

Flower Friday - Chive Bloom

My chive plant has produced a lovely flower for the first time! Its very tiny but looked good with the Mother of Millions plant looming in the background! :o)

We’ve had it too good for too long and now suddenly we have a few cases of Covid in the community and have gone into lockdown for three days!  Such a shame as its our ANZAC long weekend and many events have been cancelled.

I was a bit stunned when it was announced this afternoon as we had an extremely busy day and then suddenly once the announcement was made everything stopped as people realised they had better make new plans!!! 

Julian is not happy as we had big plans for the weekend, hopefully it will only be the three days and next weekend we can catch up again.

I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow as I’m heading off to bed early ahhhh!!

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