By SquirrelsEtc

Squirrel Blip Friday ...

... World Book Day.

What better way to celebrate World Book Day that with squirrels and books!  And I appropriately wore a tee shirt that said "Easily distracted by Cats & Books" because it's so true!

These are just three of the many, many books that I have around the house ... and there's many more Kindle and Nook (Barnes & Noble) ebooks in my possession!  I love to read!

Of these three books the only one I've been able to read so far is the top book ... "The Travelling Cat Chronicles" by Hiro Arikawa.  Richard gifted it to me a few years back and I really enjoyed it ... but I have to warn you of the sad ending.  But it's not the ending you might be expecting as you read. 

I've read other books by Bill Bryson and have enjoyed those so I'm looking forward to reading the book pictured.  I will especially be thinking of my Aussie friends as I read it ... possibly this Summer.  

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