... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Catching the Emperor's Eye

Cuddlier-looking in large
Otter slicking out
Goldeneye (f) splashing out
Sleepy scaup (m)

Im and I went to WWT this morning! We'd (obv.) not been in aeons, and it was nice to see all the familiar faces. There was a moment of concern early on when we noticed that the tundra area (where the most beloved emperor geese live) was fenced off, but we found them in another enclosure with the nēnēs so that was a relief.
The sun shone and the place wasn't too busy, so that made for a positive visit. The most amusing moment was seeing the eider drakes courting a bemused female mallard, and seeing her disappointing them by flying off over a fence leaving them and their clipped wings behind... 
Wonderful to have duckules to return to as well!

Others here (or right from Basking otter)

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