By Ridgeback13


Didn't rush to get up this morning and then had to dye my hair so it was after 10 before I was dressed and starting to think what to do. Gorgeous sunshine out and sticking my hand out of the window it didn't seem too chilly so I set off for a walk. Had planned to go to Gladhouse reservoir but as I approached Dalkeith I decided I didn't need to drive that far so stopped off in the town and walked into and then round the country park. Beautiful day and walked for about 6 miles through the woods with lots of wild garlic and bluebells, by the river sparkling in the sun and round the fields with new calves and their mothers. Used the BirdNet app to identify lots of birds as I walked - thrushes, wren, coal tit and great tit. Rather njoy identifying them.
Listened to Albert & the Whale most of the time which I'm sort of enjoying - fascinating to hear how Durer made the first ever metal engraving plate in the early part of the 16th century and that even using modern magnification and methods artists struggle to get the same amount of detail as he did, working as he did at night by candlelight. There was a long section on his engraving methods and his famous 'Melancolia'....this is where it would be good to have a book to see the various plates they referred to rather than waiting to get home to look them up online!
Stopped off at the outdoor shop again to spend longer looking at walking trainers and managed to get some that seem really comfy as well as being waterproof so they should be useful.
Did the work catch up I'd thought about yesterday, and then chatted to Mt and the kids (poor AR has fallen and sliced open her forehead that she had to have glued back together - I expect that will leave a scar! - extra)
I'm going to use the second sea bass from my box to make supper then I'll be sewing up the jumper as I watch Line of Duty's last episode.

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