Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Silver Birch

I love a silver birch tree and they're looking so good at the moment when the sun is on their new leaves. I took a photo from about here early in the month and this one shows the difference a few weeks have made. I've overlaid three exposures of the tree which has given it a partial PV look. I've added an extra of a Tree Peony which was photobombed by a bee. Saly my narrow dof didn't get the bee in focus as he flew in but I liked it.

It seems we might get some rain before long. The ground is so dry and that's great for walking but the grass had hardly grown at all when I gave it a trim yesterday. We're used to getting weather from a wet south westerly direction instead of these dry easterly winds. Trouble is it'll probably pee down when i go away in a couple of weeks but it'll be great anyway.

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